Experienced ex-Comp Engie Mentoring New Players

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  • Hey all, StAr here. As I have no longer the time commitment nor the stamina or fortitude any longer to be a competitive force, I am now MENTORING PLAYERS!

    If any Amateur or Newcomer players need Engineer help from a seasoned and experienced fellow Engie, I can help guide you in your quest.

    I’m free pretty much any time during the evening hours after 8 PM EST if you wish to request/receive said help, and my Discord DMs are always open (StAr#2504).

    Prior Experience:
    ~ 8+ seasons of competitive Engineer (UGC Silver and RGL Main and Advanced)
    ~ 3,000 hours and counting of active Engineer gameplay

    Drop me a Discord message if you want assistance. Looking forward to working with you!

  • hey
    id love to be mentored by you picture#2857 this is my discord add me please 😄

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