cp_scourge (Attack/Defend)

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  • cp_scourge is an Attack/Defend map designed with 6v6 (and Prolander, to an extent) in mind. This is not a Gravel Pit copy however; it’s something entirely new. The layout is similar to that of cp_steel, but with only 4 control points and a much more modern approach to geometry.

    Scourge combines elements of 5CP map design with the non-linear rotation-based gameplay of Steel. Like Steel, the last point becomes more accessible to attackers with every point they capture. The point starts out in the ceiling of the last point, with no possibility of BLU team capturing it, and with every point captured, it moves further down before reaching the ground level after C is captured.

    alt text

    Current Version: B4
    Download & Images: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/scourge.9673/

  • at the risk of sounding overly dismissive, it’s hard for me to imagine this map working due to the abundance of wide-open no man’s land on almost every point. huge, wide open spaces tend to not work very well in HL. you set a sniper here and stick someone on his ass and that’s it, map’s over unless you can win the SVS. and it’s not just that angle, there’s about 3-4 places on A alone that a sniper can just end any chance of a push that blue has. a sniper here can do the same thing on B, but at least offense has the option of flanking through D… unless the defense spy calls it, and now this angle is almost unbreakable. it’s difficult to suggest any concrete changes because i don’t think the map layout is workable.

  • @Alto Sorry for responding so late, I’ve been busy for the past month or so and didn’t check the forums until now. Thanks for pointing out these issues, I’ll try to address them in an update even if that requires significant changes. You mention this being unviable in HL, so I’d just like to clarify that this wasn’t intended as a HL map. It was built first and foremost as a Sixes map and secondarily as a Prolander map, so every point is designed with lower player counts in mind. That being said, you aren’t the first person to complain about sightlines on this map, so I’ll definitely try to address these issues.

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