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  • This thread is for feedback the RGL discord, all types of feedback welcome.

  • There has been a recent uptick in scams through discord mostly of the kind that involve your steam account.

    If this happens to you and RGL is the server they have in common please go to the #support channel and open a discord ticket and tell us what happened so we can ban them from the server.

    You can also report these people to discord itself as scamming/phishing/spamming is also not allowed on discord.

    Edit: Should have included this but we are actively discussing ways to deal with this, and if there are any significant changes I will post here (as well as discord announcement)

  • Linking your Discord account on RGL

    To help dissuade scammers or alternate accounts and add various other functionality, we are making RGL Discord Connection mandatory to access parts of the Discord server. This will be going live on Dec. 14th. You can connect your Discord account ahead of time to avoid any issues by going here: https://rgl.gg/Players/My/Settings.aspx?r=24. Should you need help, our guides department has made a tutorial, shown below.

    How to link your discord to RGL

    How to Link your RGL.gg Account with your Discord Account

    Step 1. Open https://rgl.gg/Default.aspx?r=24 in your favorite web browser and click, in the top right corner, “Sign in through Steam."
    Step 2. Enter your Steam account details if needed (check to make sure the webpage you are on has a URL starting with https://steamcommunity.com/ and that any padlock appearing in the address bar appears locked, to be sure it’s an official Steam page) and click “Sign In.”
    259fbc2d-dcb6-449e-8a91-6ef28c47f210-image.png If necessary set your alias on RGL’s website.

    Step 3. Once you are back on the previous page, click on your profile picture in the top right, and then click on “My Settings” from the dropdown.

    Step 4. Under the Connections heading, click the blue “Connect Your Account” button next to Discord.
    Step 5. Sign into Discord if needed (check to make sure the webpage you are on has a URL starting with https://discord.com/ and that any padlock appearing in the address bar appears locked, to be sure it’s an official Discord page) and then click “Authorize.”
    If then, under Connections, your username appears, as follows, you’re all set!

  • Just wanted to update everyone on the status of linked discord accounts.

    Right now the RGL discord requires you to link your discord account to your RGL account for all discord functions. If you need help see the tutorial in the post above this, the #start-here channel, or #setup-help in the discord.

    Additionally, to make sure scammers have not grabbed roles previously, we have reset roles. Once you have linked your discord to your RGL account you will need to go to #recruitment-and-scrims and #pickup-games-setup to get your roles back.

    Also, discord IDs being visible to only logged in users is now live on the site.

  • you may now call up the rules docs with rules global, rules 6s, rules HL, and rules PL

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