LFT Main Spy

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  • Lft main spy!! Had tons of exp but was scared of main for a while. Looking to learn, have fun and maybe even win the season!! Please consider me :D

  • YES, YES, AND YES. please get this guy on a good team. ive been saying to him to go main ever since our last season when i got to play with him. he is one of the most cracked spies out there mechanically and i am certain he will do well in main, he belongs there. he also put in a lot of effort to improve this season in terms of how he plays; at that point he should be out of low div jail

    on top of that he is hilarious and overall a rly good friend, you will have lots and lots of fun with him as your spy. dont let his rgl history fool you into thinking hes not good and get him a tryout. you wont regret it!

  • Very good!!! please get kona on a good team this season. He is the best !!!

  • Super good mechanics on Spy. Somehow gets the right picks at the right time.

    Kona’s comms have gotten a lot better as well.

  • My guy here the best spy you’ll ever see, incredible stabs and that clutch a round. Who won’t find any spy as mechanically skilled as kona here. His comms are as smooth as butter, you tell him to give the info my mans will DELIVER. Also, he got the B4nny demo review B))))

  • Kona needs to be recruited he helped me a bunch

  • This guy has been a carry on basically every team he’s been on, he deserves to be playing with the best.

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