China National TF2 Team LFP Demo, Heavy, Medic S13

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  • Being our full first season of advanced this basically was our real move up season. We barely lost out on playoffs and got 5th but if you know anything about China, that’s not stopping us BAYBE!!! Me, lee and spaghetti (wow that all rhymes) are coming back for like our 7th season together or something idk but this time joined by

    XI JINTANK (blizzy/bliztank) (hes kinda the goat and talks like eminem raps)
    🍎 (aple zoo :3) (a solid 10/10 beautiful man)
    HARD (hard hat jones) (mental of the team and likes star wars a concerning amount)

    that makes 6 of us coming back together which means WE NEED THREE MORE MFS. We’re trying to place and shooting to even win the division this season as I don’t see it as unrealistic at all, but we’re going to need a demo, heavy and medic to help lead us to adv victory.

    our roster is
    mkz (ME :D) - scout
    bliztank - soldier
    apple zoo - pyro
    ??? - demo
    ??? - heavy
    hard hat jones - engi
    ??? - medic
    lee - sniper
    spaghetti confetti - spy

    also raid is subbing i know a lot of people love that guy (hes cute ngl)

    DM me to tryout, we’ve never had a regressing season and the returning players easily most goated we have ever had so if u want the real long term tf2 career play join CHINA.

    alt text

  • good team, tryout for them :)

    BEWARE! mkz likes men, tryout at your own risk

  • mkz’s dog is very cool
    Solid team, slowly but surely this team will RISE!! (like his penis)
    cool team

  • My Chinese brothers are strong!!! You can do your part and help reclaim the means of production too!!!



    Great environment to play in.
    Also MKZ is fruitacious but thats a-okay!

  • Bliztank on Soldier is a massive upgrade from Bliztank on Pyro.

    Soldier diff coming to a China National near you

  • skittles squad diffs

  • very swag people

  • i will do an interview and or do an essay for you if you join this team

  • China #1!!!

  • this team wins Main HL season 3

  • This team will be placing in adv next szn, and if the rest of the div doesn’t step up they’ll be placing first

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