L4T Medic Sub

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  • I was with BBL for the last 3 seasons, first two I was used pretty consistently, especially the 2nd season when Matches attended lan. This season I really didn’t get used at all as a sub and I’ll be departing from WCF. I always showed up when needed, I stuck around for reviews, etc. Overall I’ve felt a bit burned out playing highlander, between work and playing other formats it’s just been a bit much. I would feel more comfortable playing in short bursts, attending reviews and keeping updated with strats, etc.

    The only gap I wouldn’t be available during next season is when I plan on playing 6s at dreamhack in November, so like a single weekend out of that month, aside from that I’d be available for whatever.

    If someone wants to try me out as a main I’d be down, I feel like I would improve pretty fast throughout the season, but I’m still honestly concerned about getting burned out, so subbing would be preferred.

    Brock#1880 or get ahold of me on steam.

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