The Adv Drip Ratings: A review

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  • Fellow advanced players and concerned members of the tf2 community, quite the stream occured last night. The stream was hosted by BBL, famed DTM god, and featured hardstuck advanced players such as Inquistion, Res, Itsaycore, and Kastaling. These bumbling fools thought it would be wise to host a so called “drip or drown” contest, rating advanced players’ loadouts. If i’m honest, it was the hardest thing to sit through since I re-watched one of my demos last week. (dear god)

    The panel of “experts” was nothing more than toddlers at the wheel of a schoolbus. (what the hell does that mean???) Now, a quick sidebar, one judge who kept it 100 emoji was itsaycore, who had consistent opinions throughout the night. However, the other 4 were all over the place.

    BBL’s opinions started off decently, but quickly spiral out of control as the night went on. A couple examples, called Jackx’s (RR team carry) loadout a ripoff of his very own loadout. (might be biased) This was not represented in the final tally, as BBL got like a 4 or some shit while jackx had a clean 7.7, obviously proving his “rip-off” theory as false. i forgot the example.

    Moving on to Inquisition, who was completely off his rocker the whole time, (side effect of never baiting a scrim) said that he believed stare from beyond was a worse effect than smoking. (he has never felt a woman’s touch) Additionally, he gave mipertons CLEAN scout loadout a 2.2, shockingly low for such a classy set. (shoutout @miperton shit is clean) Inquisition can no listen to rhyme or reason, you hear it in his voice, as he spews out nonsense about how a wrestling mask fits perfectly with a suit and tie.

    Kastaling to be honest i couldnt really distinguish your voice at all so good work or bad work im not really sure :thumbs up:

    Aycore was the only good judge in the entire contest. Most of what he said was incomprehensible nonsense but as a viewer you were left with a satisfying feeling. He would hand out 2.2’s and 8.8’s based off of almost nothing, but again, as a viewer you just had to agree with the man. Good shit.

    This was my honest take on the abomination of an event called “adv drip or drown”. The panel was chock-full of amateurs that had little to no idea what they were talking about. literally 90% of the stream was these “people” trying to figure out if “a bottom middle school swimmer is better than a swimming bench warmer or not” jesus christ.

    Note to the reader: most of these quotes are falsified and i might have dreamed this whole thing

  • @freeblink-Samitch okay not gonna lie forgot res

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