Nebraska S13 Medic

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  • Team for next season looking for an experienced medic. Tryouts/subs for other classes are welcome. I’m looking for players who are chill to play with, are looking to improve quickly, have really good mentality and effective communication, and can play as a team. What I don’t need are toxic people, no-mic’ers, or hardstuck players. Goal is get at least top 4 in IM.

    DM me on discord: *aaci#5522

    Current Tryouts:

    Scout: *aaci . (need subs)
    Soldier: r4izo_, FartOnCats, Queen Bee Remedy .
    Pyro: Snowy, Mismatched . (need 1)
    Demo: .jason, LemIsaMem, paint .
    Heavy: freddy*, garfieldfuel, Train .
    Engi: Phantom_03, SuperFly, Double D .
    Medic: c0ntrab4nd, -- parappa . (need 1)
    Sniper: stranger, Veratig, madeline .
    Spy: obser, b4rry, PaharitoEnojado .

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