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  • BLANCTV starts off Season 7 coverage in the Intermediate division with B4nny Burger & The Selmonella6 vs. Macca’s Realm. The latter are coming off an Amateur championship while the former houses legendary names such as John Wick and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Join Tery and TBD at 10:30 EST for Gullywash action.


  • Reckoner week is almost over but not before some Amateur action gets the spotlight on BLANCTV. Somehow we always find the more…interesting team names with BALL SCRATCHAZ pSports taking on fake promise. Both teams are 1-2 approaching the midway point of the season and looking to get to .500 after tonight. Tune in at 9:30 EST to see how Amateur tackles the newest map in the (NA) pool.


  • BLANCTV will be your all-purpose shop for playoffs coverage in RGL Season 7. Here’s a pending slate of matches we’ll be providing this week over on

    Monday - Amateur: Big Breast Mode vs. Highlander Gaming:
    #8 Big Breast Mode hosts #9 Highlander Gaming as the closest matchup in the division on paper. Both teams went 5-3 during the regular season and this will be their first official meeting. Winner moves on the quarterfinals, loser goes home. Maps will be Sunshine, Bagel, and TBD. Join Tery and fleskore at 9:30 EST.

    Tuesday - Advanced: dynasty vs. FX DEATH CULT
    #2 dynasty takes on #3 FX DEATH CULT as Advanced playoffs get underway on BLANCTV. Both teams had very strong regular season showings, and now all they need is one series dub to get into upper bracket finals. Will it be the rising stars of dynasty? Or will it be the established vets on FX DEATH CULT? Maps are TBD. Join Tery and Uni at 10:30 EST.

    Wednesday - Newcomer: Baja Blast vs. Fried Gaming
    Newcomer playoffs houses six teams going for glory, so their format is much like the NFL (before last season’s cringe changes). So with the top two seeds enjoying a bye, #3 Baja Blast takes on #6 Fries Gaming in the first round. Baja Blast took a 5-0 victory against Fries Gaming all the way back in the very first match of the season, so we’ll get to see how both squads have grown since then. Maps are TBD. Join Tery and Scream at 9:30 EST.

  • We had to pivot out of the Amateur game so we’ll be covering the other half of Newcomer quarterfinals / first round instead with #4 Clown Town and #5 Not a Name. Join me and fleskore or Jojo tonight at 8:00 EST.


  • Here’s the lineup of casts this week on BLANCTV:

    Wednesday - Amateur: Pre$tige Worldwide vs. somos las ratas
    Amateur playoffs heat up with #3 Pre$tige Worldwide vs. #6 somos las ratas. Both went 6-2 in the regular season, both have incredible team names, and both took care of their Ro16 opponents handily. Now the fight for top four is on. Maps are Metalworks, Gullywash, Sunshine. Join Tery and Jojo at 9:30 EST.

    Thursday - Advanced: yeti vs. call the team pauldog
    The other half of UR1 in Advanced goes down this Thursday with #1 yeti hosting #4 call the team pauldogg. Both lineups have some Invite experience, and are centered around their strong Scout combo. With their previous engagement coming during Reckoner week and a super close 5-4 victory for yeti, this playoffs series should be another exciting one for the books. Maps are Bagel, Process, Sunshine. Join Tery and Grape Juice III at 11 EST.

    Catch the action at

  • Oops, the Advanced game between yeti and CTTPD got played yesterday last-second, so we’re in Main now. All the top four seeds have taken care of business as we arrive at semifinals. The Highlander players on #1 Make a wish_z Foundation have yet to drop a map this season, including a 5-0 thrashing of their opponents, #4 THE MONSTARS. The up-and-comers on the latter squad will look to get some revenge. Maps are Bagel, Process, Gullywash. Join Tery and Grape Juice III at 10:30 EST.


    Then on Friday, #1 My Spaghetti is Getting Cold (13-3) hosts #4 Voyagers (12-4) as Intermediate semifinals get going. The winner punches their ticket to grands, the loser’s season will be over. With a record difference of just one win in the regular season - especially when that win was Voyager’s 5-0’ing Spaghetti, this should be a spicy one. Maps are Bagel, Reckoner, Metalworks. Join Tery and Crasian at 10:30 EST.


  • With Make a wish_z Foundation securing their spot in grands on Thursday, they now await their opponent. #2 afc players (14-2) and #3 fresh trim (13-3) have had very strong regular season campaigns. When they met on Clearcut week, fresh trim took a 4-2 victory. Now the runback will determine who gets a chance to thwart wish’s perfect season. Maps are TBD. Join Tery and zanda at 10:30 EST.

  • Advanced has some catching up to do, with four sets remaining to be played. We’ll start off in the loser’s side of things between #3 FX DEATH CULT and #4 CTTPD. stock’s team enters after barely losing to yeti on Process, while FX are recovering from a bit of a trashing they received at the hands of dynasty. In two regular season matchups between these squads, FX walked away with 5-0 and 5-4 victories on Reckoner and Process, respectively. One team gets to keep fighting, and the other will see their season come to an end. Maps are Process, Snakewater, Metalworks. Join Tery and TBD at 10:30 EST.


    We have one hell of an upper bracket finals in Advanced between #1 yeti and #2 dynasty. The top seeds took care of business in the previous round and are now destined to duel for winner’s advantage in grands when all is said and done. Their regular season matches on Reckoner and Process both ended in 4-3 for yeti’s side, so expect more of that nailbiter action Thursday night. Maps are Sunshine, Clearcut, Snakewater. Join Tery and alfredodan at 11 EST.


    And them maybe Main grands if it’s happening Thursday who knows lol

  • MAIN GRAND FINALS are here, and as division admin je’mond eloquently stated in the previous round’s match comms: it’s so damn lit. #1 Make a wish_z Foundation are trying to be the fourth undefeated champions in Main history, while #2 afc players will try to prevent that from happening. Playmakers all over the board in nyxi, blank, spider, sushi, and more. Considering their regular season match was very close (I think, I can’t tell because RGL’s incredible website messed everything up) we should be in for a classic. Maps are Clearcut, Reckoner, Process. Join Tery and tonyb at 10:30 EST.


  • Three more casts left in the BLANCTV program for RGL S7.

    Tuesday - Advanced: dynasty vs. FX DEATH CULT
    Hm, I’m getting a sense of deja vu. The #2 and #3 seeds meet once again but this time there’s elimination on the line. In their previous engagement dynasty was able to handle the cult pretty cleanly, winning 5-0 on Gully and 5-2 on Process. FX looked far better the next round of playoffs though, dispatching the stock market team in two maps. Now we’ll see who gets to face yeti in grand finals. Will it be dynasty, hoping for some sweet revenge? Or will it be FX DEATH CULT who haven’t scrimmed all season? Find out on Tuesday. Maps are TBD. Join Tery and TBD at 10:30.

    Wednesday - Amateur: Pre$tige Worldwide vs. buttered bean crisis
    Amateur closes out with grand finals this Wednesday. It’s been a wild season and the two remaining squads are #3 Pre$tige Worldwide and #5 buttered bean crisis. The folks on Pre$tige have not dropped on a map during their warpath in playoffs, while the beans “upset” the #4 100 Beefs After Dark 2-1 before handling #8 Big Breast Mode to punch their ticket here. Hopefully the buttered bean crisis is no more and they’ve improved, as their regular season bout vs. Pre$tige Worldwide ended 4-0 in the latter’s favor. Who will be crowned Amateur champions? Maps are Process, TBD, TBD. Join Tery and TBD at 9:30 EST.

    And the last will be Advanced grands whenever that ends up being played lol

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