Operation Fried Rice LFP ADV S13

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  • Title - Operation Fried Rice

    Team Name - pending…

    Goal - Build a super team, destroy China, win advance

    Reason - After playing advance for two seasons, not making it to playoffs twice, and being let go from CNTF2 out of the blue, I have decided to have a go at trying to build, manage, and run a highlander super team.

    Scout - ?
    Soldier - ?
    Pyro - ?
    Demoman - ?
    Heavy - ?
    Engineer - ?
    Medic - ?
    Sniper - ?
    Spy - Hyoi

    What I’m looking for in players - Firstly, I need players that have good mental. What do I mean by this? Well, I’m looking for players that understand that, in order to win, they need to put in effort. Just because I’m labeling this potential team as a “super team” doesn’t mean that we will win automatically. On top of that, good mental means that you won’t get tilted by in-game chat, or by someone taunting after killing you. Ignore it.

    Secondly, I’m looking for players that have extraordinary attendance skills. Players that show up to scrims, map reviews, demo reviews, and officials (30-20 minutes beforehand). If you can’t make a scrim/review, notify me as soon as possible (the morning of, at the latest). Please do not tell me that you can’t make it an hour or two beforehand. Obviously, there are exceptions, i.e. emergencies, something important came up, or you forgot about something that you have to attend to.

    Thirdly, I’m looking for players that have solidified themselves as worthy advance winning players. Good DM, amazing comms, knowing how to play the game, listening to the main caller, and obviously, having a winning mindset. On top of that, these players should be able to receive and give criticism, without being toxic or in denial.

    Why you wouldn’t want to join this team:

    • I have never ran a team before
    • At the time of me posting this, I have found nobody
    • I myself may have to focus more on school, if academics becomes too overwhelming
    • I have a track record for having things come up last minute, causing me not to be able to participate for team

    Edit: In order to counteract these discrepancies regarding attendance, along with needing some council on hard decisions, I have asked Ta5K to help me. He is certainly an Advanced playoff ready Spy, and has several seasons of leading behind him.

    With all this said, if you think you got what it takes, or have any questions, message me on Discord at Hyoi#3381.

  • @Hyoi we didn’t let you go out of the blue and you know that, we talked about next season… Good luck tho buddy I hope this team goes well for you. If you ever need help with anything let me know.

  • dude wants to destroy china THIS season? bruh your comms last szn did enough leave us alone lmfaooooo

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