mondragon - lft spy 🤮 S13

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    My first season of RGL was Season 1, and I roster rode.
    My second season of RGL was Season 10, and I subbed.

    Want to main on a team for next season.
    Let me try out for your team.

    P.S. I own a microphone :)



  • Very genuine and empathetic to a fairly rare extent. Did me a huge bunch of work for essentially nothing back in the days of senate pugs.
    From what I recall, he’s very vocal and would be good at coordinating so basically the correct choice for spy. My memory isn’t 100% on the preseason games I played with him; but scientifically speaking his personality supports this conclusion.

  • @Bliztank wow yes, very insightful, bliztank. I will be taking some notes and studying this fine piece of literature, yes. Thank you for this scientific analysis. I will hang it up on the fridge.


  • mondragon in advanced is literally manslaughter please pick him up

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