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  • hi after subbing since s9 i would like to play sniper in main next season! i think my mental has improved so much since then and i rly want to get good at the video game again, i think adv is a little bit of a stretch for me since i haven’t played in a while but i am desperate to learn and improve as much as possible

    my current exp:
    im s8 3rd place with vampire weekend (played last 2 weeks and playoffs)
    subbing for broken mice in main s9, 2nd place (played last 2 weeks and playoffs excluding grands)
    subbing for china national in main s10, 1st place (though i basically rr’d bc of irl issues and couldn’t rly play)
    subbing for we love lean in adv s11, 5th place (had to learn how to play adv scout within the span of 2 weeks)
    subbing for 12 am demo review in main s12, 11th place (played last 2 weeks as the new starter, i think i did pretty good for not really playing since s8)

    i can be contacted thru discord @ april#9201 as of right now :)

  • fast learner and hard grinder. very capable and willing to learn. kinda insanely goated at osu too.

  • chill, great aim, always looking to improve

    easy pickup :D

  • one of my first teammates from a while ago, if they are as solid as they were they will be a great sniper in adv or main

  • i like this player
    pick up him pretty please
    he shoot good, he talk nice :)

  • super slept on … don’t miss out

  • hasnt played consistently in a while until recently, but easily capable of playing top main on sniper.

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