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  • TeamTrack is a website I developed to help players and teams manage stats and players.

    Using TeamTrack you can create teams, manage players (including showing what class a player is on the team, as well as selecting if they are a main or sub on the team), upload logs, and view combined stats for both the whole team and each individual player.

    TeamTrack also separates Match and Scrim logs so you can see if your team is doing really well when push comes to shove or even cracking under the pressure of matches.

    Logging in is as easy as signing in through steam and you instantly get access to all of the features TeamTrack allows as well as seeing any logs and stats already having been uploaded for you.

    In the future, I plan on adding donator benefits like visualizing a specific log in a much more user-friendly way using graphs and data science. This will help team leaders see how a specific match or scrim went down to the % of damage and kills each player did as well as seeing exactly how much impact the other teams sandbagging ringer had.

  • I uploaded 700 something logs to it when it first came out and then forgot about it until now. It’s pretty insightful into potential team strengths/weaknesses on a class by class basis; seeing all the numbers is also flat out cool.
    I like chronicling things!

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