LFT Engie Main/Adv S12/S13

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  • Please pick me up otherwise I have to default to the best fps game ever made “Valorant” that requires immaculate mechanical skills and lightning-speed decision making. To give a brief background, of my experience I peaked 4617 in Overwatch (dead game), Masters in Apex Solo, and played Quake3-UrT competitively before. TF2-Wise, I competed in AsiaFortress and UGC S11 Asia Highlander, which is the equivalent of UGC NA Plat, because I was in HK. I know I might be rusty or not in form for TF2 HL right now but I am willing to make the effort to compete and sentry frag some n00bs.
    TL;DR: Ex-UGC S11 Asia Engie LFT at any level and am aiming to compete in HL Invite.

    Skill Showcase

    Discord: `.qilin#2592

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