Bliztank mentoring: highlander pyro/soldier/spy and teams

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  • Yeah so i’ll basically talk to you about any team related stuff you want to talk about/give insight into a lot more of the abstract side of team dynamics. i’m also 100% down to just informally talk about random stuff on the side even if it’s not a class i personally invest much into; or to just discuss team stuff and try to help you sort issues out.

    I can also talk to you a lot about the more mental sort of side to spy/pyro/soldier play and help you realize and define your own role and how to best work around with your team. I generally focus a lot more on the aggressive side of things, but it’s all about doing what works best for you and letting your team build around it.

    I also have played in every region for highlander which has granted me access to some interesting technological advancements. On a more serious note i’d be totally down to help get you in touch with players from europe/australia/south america/asia.

  • cerebral player

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