Class restrictions for players with excessive ping (or bad internet?)

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  • This is a completely opinionated post. Do not take everything I say seriously as its all based on my own personal experience in 6s and HL.

    South American players have been flocking to RGL for some time now, with excessive ping as high as 160 in some cases, making a lot of SA players prefer the hit scan classes instead of the projectile based ones (obviously). This in itself is not a problem. More players = more competition.

    The issue is when these players are playing sniper (sometimes heavy). Sniper on high ping on top of bad internet (which unfortunately most SA players have bad internet) feels like way more of a nuisance then it does in normal scenarios. The TF2 lag compensation kicks in heavily for these players granting headshots when on your screen you’re already behind a wall.

    This isnt just an issue with south american players. There are a few snipers I’ve played against in PUGs with completely normal ping, but still getting these backtrack type headshots on you because their internet is just bad.

    I don’t know how RGL would deal with this but situations like this happen all the time.

    Just doesn’t feel like healthy competition for me personally. I’d like to hear what others have to think about it.

  • @lenn I think you bring up an interesting point. Would this ping issue also apply to Euro snipers?

  • @Firefly it definitely could. although european internet is much better than south american internet, the european sniper players usually have much less egregious cases of what i talked about, but it still happens.

    i think the best way to go about it would be a hard ping cap on sniper. like the old RGL ping cap they put on players. as it still allows them to play the league. just not on sniper

  • @lenn So in your opinion, what would be the cutoff ping number?

  • @Firefly probably what the old ping cap was. it was 150 or 160 right ?

    but i also think it should be done on a case by case basis. as some players with 160 ping have better internet than others, so it would seem unjust to restrict them since they just live far away.

    if you’ve ever played against perutech in 6s, getting headshot by them is much different then getting headshot by a euro sniper in a lobby or pug

  • @lenn this is impossible to enforce

  • @cayorne how? they used to enforce the ping cap. instead of restricting them from rgl they just restrict them from sniper. 6s and hl

  • @lenn it is inherently unfair, and extremely sketchy to go case by case evaluating player internet. furthermore to restrict players off specific classes with a perceived “advantage” is equally difficult and will without a doubt cause massive amounts of problems for rgl.

    if you want to ban players with high ping, ban all of them. having a weird grey area will only serve to cause drama.

    also its beyond fucked to insinuate that this is a problem exclusive to SA and to suggest targeting players in these countries as opposed to europeans. many of these countries are overwhelmingly poor and literally cannot afford better infrastructure.

    im just gonna write this off as you trying not to be a walking contradiction with your team currently rostering a 160 ping moroccan sniper player. (nbd)

  • @cayorne im just saying in all cases, and using SA as an example since they are the majority of the high ping sniper players in RGL.

    i dont choose who plays on my team, im not the team leader so that doesnt really make much sense.

    as for evaluating case by case, you have a point. there is too much grey area to determine that.

    but for competitive integrity i dont think a player should be able to kill somebody whos not even there anymore. it feels unfair your trying to push last on process and their 160 ping scout comes up sniper and kills somebody who peeked it for half a second.

    i dont understand how all of a sudden people are pretending like playing vs high ping sniper isn’t bullshit when half of my scrims somebody complains about buko’s ping

  • Wait… you have a prem sniper…

  • RGL does have rules against players who are laggy/teleporting around, causing the game to be unfair/unplayable. However you need to remember that high ping isnt an advantage, yes you can get shot from around corners since they on their screen you are still there, but it works the other way as well. You can kill them before they even have time to react, because you are not even on their screen yet.

    High ping is not the issue.

    Also having ping limits is completely unenforceable as ping within locations with poor connection can fluctuate. One day it can be below 150, another above. Not to mention depending on location. I get ~80 ping to LA, ~100 to Dallas, and ~130 to chicago.

  • I dont think you actually understand how the lag compensation works. Basically, I shot someone BEFORE he goes “behind a wall”, you’d just die exactly before you “went behind it”.

    You linked my twitch for some reason, and you are targeting SA for some reason aswell, but you HAVE to understand that the ping makes EVERY SHOT have a delay to register.

    The high ping is actually more a nuisance to me than for anybody else. I need to completely change my playstyle from SA (obviously due to ping difference) and it makes me unable to play how I would like to.

    Some inconvenience I have to deal that are common and, as you clipped my twitch, you can see there:
    I cant 1v1 meele spy (lag compensation makes me get tricked easier)
    The ping makes it harder for me to surf in any way possible (projectile and shots)
    It makes me get hit by some projectiles I “completely dodged”
    And mostly important as sniper, and any other sniper main can acknowledge, I CAN’T HOLD OFF ANGLES WITH HIGH PING

    Also, you posting your miscomprehension of how lagged players have to deal with whilst having a prem sniper (buko) in your team, seems idiotic. It almost seems you are targeting a specific scenario of people.

  • @Mujet

    idk how people are getting the conception that im racist because i said sa snipers are bullshit when im just using it as an example. there are just more sa snipers than eu snipers i dont care.

    i also dont understand why people think im the team leader? i dont chose the players on my team and this is my personal opinion on why high ping players shouldnt be allowed on sniper in any scenario.

    you’re right in highlander in a lot of scenarios there are some reasonable disadvantages to high ping. the most important one being you can’t really hold off angles.

    but high ping on sniper gives some solid advantages too

    you can peek and quickscope things very fast before people have time to react (if you know xantares from csgo its like that)
    lag comp gives headshots you don’t deserve pretty often
    you can headshot people when their not peaking anymore

    its not a secret what high ping does for people in source games… pros in csgo have complained about xantares in cs for ages and he only plays around 80 ping…

    tf2 has awful lag comp that is just inherently unfair to play against so now that im talking about it on the forums people want to pretend its not. kinda weird

    but anyway i think this is a bigger deal in 6s than highlander since it does handicap you in the svs if you’re not the one peaking them. (which you should be doing on high ping)

  • @lenn said in Class restrictions for players with excessive ping (or bad internet?):

    i also dont understand why people think im the team leader? i dont chose the players on my team and this is my personal opinion on why high ping players shouldnt be allowed on sniper in any scenario.

    No one said you were the team leader, but by agreeing to join this team, you agreed with everyone on whatever classes they were playing. This includes your apparently high ping sniper. I.E. You are being contradictory with your words and actions. I would honestly stop bring this point up as its low hanging fruit that is not important towards your overall point/arguement.

    but anyway i think this is a bigger deal in 6s than highlander since it does handicap you in the svs if you’re not the one peaking them. (which you should be doing on high ping)

    How is it a bigger deal in 6’s due to SvS, than HL that has perma snipers???

  • @Mothership

    if anything im as unbiased as possible because i literally have a high ping sniper on my team. thats not being contradictory as im literally acting against what our teams interests are by talking about this. it would have been contradictory if i played a whole season with the high ping sniper and complained about it the season after. i don’t see how im being a contradiction mid season as if something were done our main sniper wouldnt be able to play.

    its a bigger deal in 6s because there is less things to kill a sniper, and a single pick matters a lot more in 6s than it does in highlander. plus people dont know your on sniper until you take your first shot.

    the main disadvantage for sniper on high ping is playing defensive svs. there is no defensive svs in 6s so you just swing everything and the class just has a pure advantage because of their ping. in 6s the class is literally better with high ping than low ping

  • LMFAO. YES, its 100% unfair, in other games im never getting shot through walls and shit because theres a ping difference, and that should explain enough. Playing against SA snipers is a night and day difference compared to playing against american snipers. Idgaf what anyone says, its not rocket science. If RGL wants to be an international league, so be it, but there must be rules put into place to protect the fellow americans because shit aint fair out here these days. I respect your post because obviously you have a fellow SA on your team, and it is not fun playing against him.

  • The high ping don’t make snipers like mujet good, they are good because they are good and they hit their shots regardless . Complaining about ping when there is obvious trades off is negligible.

    Get good!

  • In late 2019 I was permanently banned from playing RGL until I fixed my internet situation. Even though I live in the US, I was still getting a consistent 100+ ping. I’ve gotten tons of people frustrated playing against me because of how unfair it was to play against me in certain situations. I’m not sure how laggy other players are, but I’m hoping RGL is consistent with how they treated my situation.

    I have sympathy for players who are in a similar situation, and some people can’t do anything about their lag. I was going to change my ISP anyway because of how inconsistent it was, but I still had to change my ISP to even have a chance to play again lloll.

    I recall part of the reason the admins were watching my ping so often was because so many people would report me. So I guess if you actually want something to be done about laggy players then just report them with evidence.

    alt text

  • RGL already has rules regarding players that have connection issues that cause the game to be unplayable for others, such as constantly teleporting or warping around the map.


    This has been enforced several times in the past, as well as recently on a case-by-case basis when players file a report with evidence to the admins. If there is such a case, please make a support ticket in the RGL Discord or file a report through our report forms on the site so it can be looked into.

  • It takes a good player to know how to snipe against a sniper with high ping.
    I do think that teams who literally are just importing players (cough cough nukroo with 3 south americans in quals) is pretty ridiculous. At that point, just go play in south american leagues.
    Other than that, I think its fine. I also think its pretty ironic that you’re complaining about restricting high ping players when your whole team revolves around buko.

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