Trial By Fireside - Newcomer & Amateur coverage

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  • For RGL S9, deltamarket, antlers and I will be producing weekly matches throughout the season for Amateur and Newcomer divisions. The aim of this project is to provide consistent coverage for the newcomer and amateur division–something that hasn’t really been done before in lower RGL and UGC divisions in the past. Our goal is not only will newer players the ability to have their games casted, but to also provide an informative and more insightful stream for players new to TF2 with limited knowledge on the concepts of 6s in general.

    We expect to be covering throughout the regular season and playoffs. The regular season’s casts will be casted with a mix of casting and demo reviewing. But, for playoffs, we’ll try to take a backseat on the reviewing and provide a more realistic cast like casts in other divisions.

    We’ll be catering towards players new to TF2 with limited knowledge about 6s and how to play it. We want to provide information on how to play the map in certain scenarios and analyzing the teams’ mistakes and what they can do better throughout the cast. This would help newer players who want to get better at certain maps, maybe individually, or with their team as they understand the match as it’s played in real time rather than watching a demo review from a twitch stream or youtube video.

    You can catch our casts on See you there!

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