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  • 2v2, Red versus Blue, Live and Uncensored for your viewing pleasure

    So the last ultiduo project I worked on was Ultiduo_lookout, and after UGC seemed to enjoy it, it inspired me to continue working on a map I’ve had floating on my hard drive for a good few years.

    Welcome to Ultiduo_Champions
    A stadium-themed 90-degree Mirrored 2v2 map.
    TF2Maps link you’ll find Right Here

    Here are some screenshots, just in case:

    alt text

    Champions is supposed to feel like a tournament, so I kind of wanted a lot of it to feel like a stage of some sort with spotlights, crowds cheering in the distance, winner’s podium, etc. Obviously that’s all detail for later. The focus for now is gameplay.

    I wanted a lot of tall structures so soldiers could get creative with their movement. I also wanted the point to feel a bit like a spire, complete with Ammo Pit™. I also thought it would be fun for a sort of “Tallahassee Shuffle” around the two pillars near the back so the medic has cover and something to play around.

    If there is anyone with Ultiduo experience, please get in touch about playtesting!
    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Love you all

    • Twinmill
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