Lft S12 Spy Main/Adv

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  • Took a mental break from tf2 as a whole and went to play quake games for a good year. I kind of want to just find a good team that will keep me and I kind of don’t care what div. I just want to avoid the drama that i had in adv with a fresh team that improves with me and helps me. I genuinely just want to be good on spy. Heres team exp and info as well and we’ll see if im allowed in main.

    RGL Exp
    HL Season 1 Intermediate- Four Loko 14% ALC 400mg CAF
    HL Season 2 Main/Advance- Clearer Comms/Forty-Two Pence
    HL Season 3 Main- We 4fit/Cafeteria Milk (3rd Place)
    HL Season 4 Advanced- 1 Korean, 9 Keyboards (3rd Place)
    HL Season 5 Advanced- Disingenuous Assertions
    HL Season 7 Advanced- The Dojo (1st Place)
    Prolander Cup Season 6- Ian Academy (3rd Place)


  • Admins are allowing me in main so i can do either div

  • Give him a chance in invite! He will also be the best spy in adv next season without a doubt. Him in main is a war crime tho.

  • what lay said, but also theo is no longer crippled by slow internet, low fps, and a 60hz monitor. He is going to be literally 100x better than he has ever been and nobody is going to see it coming.

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