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  • forever noob going full lft mode

    past 2 seasons: heavy on broken mice (adv playoffs but no trophy 🙁)
    3rd previous season: heavy on zipfs law (🏆 main)(#1 team all time)
    all other previous seasons: evolving out of primordial soup on a variety of classes/teams

    looking to play:
    adv: heavy, engie, scout, pyro, medical
    main: solja boy, demo, scout

    not really picky as long as your team is composed of humans who know wha they are doing

    capable of both maincalling and not countering the maincaller (previously impossible, forbidden tech)

    other divs and classes may be available on special request…

    not emo despite the anime icon

    hit my digits lynn#2822

  • lynn is a good player, hella underrated. good pootis.

    pick em up!

  • solid pooter, good for low adv and would be hella interested to see his scout get back into the scene!

  • lynn’s hitscan is crazy, very solid consistent player, i’d be happy to pick them up for an advanced team.

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