rico lft scout/sniper

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  • im back hehe

    if your demo review can be an email, i am not playing on your team

    i don’t have much so here is my scouting report from a high school baseball showcase ~8 years ago

    17 yo, 5’8", slim build about 135-140. Crafty RHP from Miami, FL. Mixes a fastball/slider primary, with a curveball, splitter, and changeup as outpitches. 3.5 unweighted GPA.

    Pros: Mastery of slider command; big, sharp break combined with varying tilt in the mid-70s. Can use it to get ahead in the count or finish off hitters. Mixes a wide repertoire of pitches well and can fool hitters with change of speeds and arm angles. Can field his position at a plus level. Fairly sound mechanics, uses his body well to generate velocity. High stamina, can work late into games even at a young age. Good mental fortitude, rebounds very well from mistakes, elite and passionate competitor.

    Cons: Flat, hittable fastball at a pedestrian low 80s. Slow time-to-plate out of the stretch, ranges from 1.4-1.7. Highly erratic changeup and splitter command, does not show confidence in either pitch. Can occasionally lose control of his fastball. Shorter stature limits his velocity ceiling.

    i work in litigation so my schedule may be spotty for 8:30s

  • This post is deleted!
  • hes a threat to you irl

  • beast gamer, plays to win and very consistent, & great dm. pick him up!!!


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  • im guafing, i am in the process of a guaf

  • +king of main
    +supplemental income from sports betting
    +has met b4nny
    +chad woman respecter of ugc
    +/- 4:44 AM - rico: xenith graced my backseat with his ass sweat
    4:44 AM - rico: i went home and sniffed it for 2 hours and 48 minutes
    – poor command of offspeed (ex slider)
    – may vanish for three weeks during the season for sex tourism

    if rico deigns to play on your team and you do not accept, you out yourself as an evolutionary dead end

  • @Alto
    this is true i am the sole leader of women respected in ugc history (87). some say it’s a record that will never be broken.

  • my mom endorses this guy

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