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  • Interview 12- Submarine
    Covers a lot of the experiences of an asian hl player and the issues their community faces; in no small part due to ugc

  • I will preface by saying that I have been pretty tired and timestamping exhausts me, so I have not yet timestamped the gamemaster one yet

    Interview 13- Wasteman (Timestamped)
    Covers a lot of Australian highlander stuff from the perspective of a player. Talks a bit about qixalite and concerns regarding it as well.

    Interview 14- Gamemaster
    Covers a loooot of older ugc events and the personal history of the engineering legend. This one was a blast to just experience and be there for.

    it uploads in like 5 hours ^

  • Interview 15 part 1- Nabla
    Talks all about basically every format besides regular 6s and a lot of rgl lore from a behind the scenes perspective

    Interview 15 part 2- Nabla
    Talks about 6s in specific and a lot of insight into what it’s like to administrate for the community

    Why are there two videos you might ask? My editing software sucks and does not combine longer projects.

  • have a spotify for it now incase you want to have it more in the background

  • Interview 16- Kegaman
    This one is all about Kegaman and their own experiences including with content creation, with a little on the state of Asian Highlander. I usually prefer to have more of a significance and some takeaways from what I do, but I really don’t mind just delving into some more personal stories for the sake of it; kega’s always a joy and a really nice person.

  • I sleep soon so here’s the post for the day, normal upload time tho.
    Interview 17- Mothership
    Mothership does a lot of behind the scenes technical stuff in the rgl community and it was really nice to humanize all of that moderation experience. Also mothership put a ton of effort into increasing the audio quality of this one which is super appreciated

  • Interview 18- Micahlele
    Mr. Micah has some of the most interesting takes to offer. very insightful talk that puts a lot of rgl decision making methodology into perspective.

  • Interview 19- DZCreeper
    This one delves primarily into metagames, player improvement and the concept of maincalling.

  • Interview 20- Paul
    this one covers a lot of the leadership experiences of b&h paul.

  • Interview 21- Res
    This one covers what it’s like to reach invite in highlander, what pyro is like to a newer pyro, and a generally fresher set of eyes on competitive culture.

  • Interview 22- Vanxi
    This one covers 6s and tftv from a self described more detached and less community involved perspective

    This is the last interview I have done for the time being as I am taking a break for now
    Interview 23- Arcadia
    This one covers a lot of 6s stuff from a community oriented perspective and touches upon a lot of various projects.

  • Interviewing resumes this wednesday at 12 pm est. If you want an interview done, contact me and give me a general idea of what topics interest you and we can certainly work something out.

    I will say, I prefer being given a time and date to work with, as it is incredibly hard to reach out to and schedule every single person who says they’re down to do it whenever. no seriously i still have a backlog of no less than 32 people to get around to from before. Because of this, I will be prioritizing anyone that works out a specific timeframe.
    No requirements are necessary.

    The first new upload will be an interview with constantly. I’m hoping to schedule some more people for after the recording of the interview on tuesday night, although i am still a bit sick so I might space my recordings out some more.
    I’ll probably keep the same uploading system of mon-wed-fri and sometimes saturdays. But I’m expecting things to take some time to kick back up.

    I might get around to doing timestamps for the later episodes at some point. Truthfully it burns me out a fair ton and it’s probably not something I’m going to be actively working on as much.

    Looking forward to doing more community things. Very excited to get some more australian, european, 6s, and staff coverage.

    sidenote: i have unlocked the power of anxiety medicine, this will likely raise the quality of the interviews.

    probably starting on friday actually

  • Constantly interview goes live saturday at 12 pm est. It’s my favorite interview so far by a decent margin due to the sheer scope of it. Other than that, uploads are going to be a bit staggered until I get a backlog of videos to use as a buffer.

    I also need a new power supply as rendering currently crashes my computer due to power usage; so if there’s any breaks that split the video into parts I’m either going to have to wait or upload the parts individually.

  • Interview 24- Constantly

    This one covers a ton of rgl related topics from the perspective of the current hl head admin and really puts you into the mind of the man who has to make a bunch of important decisions for the good of the community, was glad to get it done.


  • Interview 25- Ghost

    This one is more focused on ghost, their own experiences; and context for the past rather than any big overarching community themes. Still has a fair bit on spy as a class though.


  • Also looking to delve into more focused videos combining the perspectives of multiple people. I think I want to do one on caffeine first. For these, I will accept either a brief interview, or a voice recording.

    i’d be wanting to look at something like

    do you find caffeine productive for your gameplay?
    if so, how much caffeine?
    what form of caffeinated product do you consume?
    what class do you play? do you find it helpful vs harmful on any specific classes?
    how about other games?

    if you have suggestions for other topics, have suggestions for the scope of a suggested topic, or want to take part in any of these videos, reach out to me.

  • After two hours of work I have assembled a form to help manage the series going forward. You’ll be able to see any of the side projects I’m collecting responses for, as well as generally give input on it. I am actively collecting responses for the caffeine video, and have assembled a very robust set of questions for it.

  • Interview 26 & 26.5- Witness

    Split into two parts because rendering videos crashes my computer due to my power supply at the moment. will hopefully be one part when i can render again.
    also if someone wants to try to combine the other multipart ones into singular vids that’d be cool too, i hate free editing programs that crash after enough time spent on one render.

    This one covers a lot of the lore and various trivia of the witness gaming brand, as well as a bit of discussion on mentoring, lans, and resup.gg


    also heavily redesigned the form, should be much more intuitive and self explanatory now.
    title is still in the works tho lol

  • Interview 27 and 27.5- MattJ
    Part 1 talks a lot about the philosophy of MattJ, as well as thoughts on the state of team fortress two and it’s community. Part two hones in much more on the cultural side of things and how it defines europe as a region in contrast to na


  • Interview 28- Hard Hat Jones
    So this one is probably the most unique episode yet, and it ends up becoming a bit more of a traditional podcast as time goes on. It was done while hard hat jones was doing a 24 hour livestream. Naturally, this had an effect on the interview itself, especially towards the end/second timestamp and on. It goes on for a bit due to the interactivity with his stream chat and bounces back and fourth a fair bit. It also features karaoke, and me talking about the series and it’s goals for a bit among other things. Starts off by talking about the streamer life and what that entails if that’s your thing.

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