DreamHack Community Clash NA (21-22 & 28-29th May)

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    We are happy to announce that DreamHack Community Clash is back! On May 21-22 & 28-29th, we will be hosting an online tournament for North American teams. Signups for this tournament are now live! There is also another announcement on its way sometime soon, so stay tuned…

    This is the event thread for this tournament sponsored by DreamHack and organised by EssentialsTF. Details about the event will be posted here when available, so any questions place any questions here. We will try to answer all questions promptly. I would encourage any teams interested to check out the tournament pages which contains all the relevant details about the event, but also keep an eye on our twitter page and Clash.TF for updates:

    All matches are played using the Unity Cup Config (30min match/5min round timers; Winlimit 5; Continuous Overtime - +1 rule; Bo3 KOTH) and RGL Whitelists.

    EssentialsTF Discord

    Invite Qualifiers:
    Up to 6 Teams will make up our invite groups. If there are enough teams (aka more than 6) that want to play Invite we will run Invite Qualifiers from 16-20th May.

    Structure of the qualifiers will be small round robin groups which you can play and schedule freely within the week prior to signups closing.

    12 Team Cap

    Registration ends 15th May @ 1 am EDT.

    Link: https://play.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/5629406496420880384/

    Main Tournament:
    Signups start 26th April and end 20th May @ 1 am EDT
    21-22nd May: Invite Round Robin and Open Swiss (Bo1), Group Tiebreakers (Bo1) and first stage of Playoffs (Bo3).
    28-29th May: Double Elimination Bracket (Bo3 with Bo5 Grand Finals)

    Prize Pool

    1. $1,200
    2. $600
    3. $420
    4. $240

    Link: https://play.toornament.com/en_GB/tournaments/5623087432864137216/

    There is a soft region lock, no teams can have more than 3 players from a region that is not North America without admin approval. Feel free to reach out to admins through the Essentials Discord.

    Schedule (EDT) – Subject to Change

    21st May
    Open Round 1 – 16:00
    Invite Round 1 & Open Round 2 – 17:00
    Invite Round 2 & Open Round 3 – 18:00
    Invite Round 3 & Open Round 4 – 19:00

    22nd May
    Invite Round 4 & Open Round 5 – 16:00
    Invite Round 5 & Open Round 6 – 17:00
    Tiebreaker Rounds – 18:00
    UB Round 1 & LB Round 2 – 18:45

    28th May
    UB Round 2 & LB Round 2 – 16:00
    LB Round 3 – 18:15
    UB Finals & LB Round 4 – 20:30

    29th May
    LB Round 5 – 16:00
    LB Finals – 18:15
    Grand Finals (Bo5) – 20:30

  • Niccce. Should be a fun tournament. Looking forward to the neXt announcement O.o

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