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  • hallo, i would like to sweat in invite only. i actually really enjoyed playing heavy this last season so

    looking to play heavy/demo/soldier primarily but open asf to any class

    good vibes >>> anything else

    i actually learned how to watch demos now
    pick me up 🙂

    discord: djnnseng#7649

  • actual best teammate, put up with me the whole season and actually put forth the effort to teach our whole team how to play the game. Extremely patient, awesome personality and great at mainly every class. Love this guy 🙂

  • so fucking awesome its unreal, hard carried me in s10 and he’ll do it again for you, nerd is smart chill and real af and u are lucky if u scoop him up

  • I’d be surprised if he doesnt end up playing on a top invite team this season. He’s a great caller and has the right mentality to be competitive in tf2 without being toxic.
    What he did with his latest team of moveups this recent season should not be overlooked, he turned that team into a very scary and coordinated team.

    a very rare type of player that you can put in any role.

  • Insane demo

  • Talented on several classes, but a really nice guy to have as a teammate as well. Glad to see he’s succeeding on more combo classes as well. Proven in high invite, hopefully you get to run it back

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