LFT Pyro Im/Main

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  • Hello I’m mismatched. I’m looking for a team that is committed to winning. Despite my lack of seasons, I ring frequently, go over my demos, and get mentored frequently. I also run pugs on a regular basis to improve my comms and practice my pyro skills. If you’re looking for a person that wants to improve and strive for more, I’m your guy.

    Add me on discord if your interested in trying me out. (Mismatched#0657)

  • A young goat, a beast among mean, spy mains cry when they hear his name.
    “Who’s the pyro” “Mismatched” “Oh god, oh fuck” - A real spy player IM

    All jokes aside tho this dude has been putting in the working, scriming, pugging, and it shows. If you are looking for a player that will put forth the effort he is your man. The amount he has improved in such a short time is incredible and he is sure to be a top pyro in main no doubt.

  • a pyro player, you can’t really go wrong with a pyro player unless they tilt and throw. mismatched is a comm gentleman who does not tilt and throw (unless he’s on med)

    pick this guy up if you want to mis a match, match a mis, or mismatch a match mis.

  • @Mismatched basically invite

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