Broken Mice LFP S12 Adv

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  • Established team, climbing steadily for 4 seasons, going on 5. Got 4th place advanced season 11. Going for a top 3 placement in advanced.

    Looking for Scout, Medic, Spy

    solider: Kastaling
    pyro: Brandon_411
    demo: Mig
    heavy: lynn
    engi: Morgoth714
    sniper: Rabbit

    I can’t play due to other time commitments, but would like to keep the team alive :blush:

    Sunnyy#5762 or

  • having played with them last season, they put a lot of work into improving, have a consistent showup for demo and map reviews, and really care about winning. going into the season, i wasnt expecting for them to do as well as they did this season, but they really surprised me and i would really recommend playing for them.

    all around very chill people, great to play and work with, and they honestly dont deserve whatever shitty rep they might have obtained or had thrown around in the past.

  • next up.

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