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  • Hi, new team here for Advanced s12. Our hope is to be serious and improve over the course of the season. Prefer people who want to improve. Main exp only is fine too just have a drive for improvement and are willing to put in the work.

    Scout - br1ck
    Soldier - The_Changsta
    Pyro - Xenagos? Darkfire? sips?
    Demo - Cambonieboo
    Heavy - Walrus
    Engineer - rmx
    Medic - Jehu
    Sniper - Powerpuker
    Spy - Godo

    Subs would be cool too.

    Contact me via Discord at rmx#1025

  • Bump, still need combo tryouts.

  • Walrus is a force. Everybody surrounding him will be better as a result.

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