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  • Jonah LFP ADV S12

    Before anything is addressed, I want it to be known that Jonah will aim to create an environment of dedication and humility.

    I have learned over these past six months the importance of fellowship, which not only contributes to a team’s success but to the contentment of all players involved. We’ve seen teams in the past time and time again that looked great on paper, but neglected the synergy to stay consistent throughout the course of a season.

    If you are apart of this team, you will be expected to hold yourself and your teammates accountable for their actions, and to seek improvement after every scrim and match. Everything that I ask of you, you will be able to ask of me.
    That is what success looks like, nine players giving their all to achieve something greater than themselves.

    We’ll try to have weekly demo reviews once the season begins.


    NOW! With all of that preaching out of the way,

    Jonah is currently looking for…
    (mains in bold)

    Scout YOU?

    Soldier YOU?

    Pyro YOU?

    Demo YOU?

    Heavy prime

    Engi YOU?

    Medic YOU?

    Sniper fuzze


    Tryout Sheet:



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