WetCardBoard S12 (Winning Seasons) "Dedicated Player" Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, Medic

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  • Hello folks, Emperor Here

    rebuilding my team for S12, In hopes for pulling in more skilled players then we’ve had in previous seasons.

    Scout - looking
    Soldier - looking
    Pyro - looking
    Heavy - +1 Tryout
    Demo - Emperor +1 tryout
    Engiee - Oldman
    Medic - AJ +1 Tryout
    Sniper - Ianf526
    Spy - +2 Tryouts

    I’m looking for people who have the time to play HL Friday - Monday, that I won’t need to reschedule for. We do Demo Reviews Saturday night after scrims. I want players who know their stuff, I want you to impress me. I want to Win. I want players who can control their emotions and get the job done. This is my hobby, I take time out of my day to set this team up for success. I want to see that same drive from my players.

    TL:DR (Good DM, Good Mental, Lots of freetime)

    Contact me here:
    Emperor Prince#7036

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