WCF LFP Sniper/Demo S12

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  • Hey there! The boys and I are looking to find some new friends to add onto our roster for the next season of invite! We’re going to be parting ways from our demo and sniper which means we would love to have you tryout!
    Looking for players that are:

    • HANDSOME (this is a deal breaker)

    this concludes my list of demands

    We’re looking for people that are willing to stay for multiple seasons as we reach our goal of being mid invite.
    Means Tryout

    Current Roster:
    Scout - Nucket (Coupon Owner)
    Soldier - Jolo (yumper)
    Pyro - Res (likes dark green)
    Demo - Mig-21bis OR Freelander OR Maeko
    Heavy - me :) (who’s me? I don’t know that guy, why is he there)
    Engineer - Cristanc99 (literal engineer)
    Medic - Matches_ (very scary)
    Sniper - Mountain (HE IS NOT A WOMAN)
    Spy - tlar (possible holes)

    DM me on discord: BBL#1694
    Ok thank you for reading goodbye, here’s a cat

  • frist cometn

  • bbl fren : D

  • haven’t seen much recent gameplay but BBL pours his heart into his team and cares a lot to improve

    will only grow as time goes on and I have no doubt this team will be at the very least mid invite capable maybe even playoff contenders if they perform well enough

  • try me out on sniper

  • Bump! Found enough snipers for now, really badly looking for demos & subs :D
    DM me on discord BBL#1694

  • The goofy levels of this team are off the chart, and as a certified goofball I can only approve. If you want to have a fun time in invite, this team is without a doubt the team for you. I mean the players have potential and it’s a good prospect if you think you have the potential to move up.

  • handsome. willing to improve. super fun to play with. i subbed with bbl and he was really supportive and wants to win and improve. let the BBC rise!

  • BBL is a great team leader and a great heavy. He’s a little derpy sometimes but it goes with him finding how he needs to play to help his team. He’s willing to maincall, play flank, pocket, etc. He will do whatever his team needs enthusiastically.

    It’d be hard to find someone who cares about his team and improving as much as he does. He will be a top invite heavy soon and if you want to have the ambition to climb, hit him up. His team also has some very chill players who make you comfortable to ask questions, feel the same as he does and are also willing to put in work. I know he’s looking for people to match that energy. That’s the team culture, if that sounds good to you then tryout.

  • Bump! Back to looking for snipers

  • pls stream comms

  • No longer lfp; good luck to you all this season!

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