firepow LFT Heavy Sub Season 12

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  • Hi 🤠

    I’m currently in Intermediate playoffs as this post is being written. Looking to play on a high Intermediate team or a Main team with drive to improve.

    Only looking to sub for now. My job doesn’t allow me to work every other weekend.

    My work sometimes screws me over from playing scrims. I work from 1:30 pm - 10 pm est 99% of the time I’m scheduled. I created a little pattern of my work schedule below to make it easy to follow.

    Week 1:
    Monday: No work
    Tuesday: Work
    Wednesday: Sometimes working
    Thursday: Work
    Friday: No work
    Saturday: No work
    Sunday: No work

    Week 2:
    Monday: No work
    Tuesday: Work
    Wednesday: Sometimes work
    Thursday: Work
    Friday: No work
    Saturday: Work
    Sunday: Work

    Notable Seasons of Experience:
    S8 Amateur TAX FRAUD Main Demo - 3rd Place!
    S7 Amateur Good Manners (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S8 Amateur Team with People in it (3-4): Multi-class sub
    S9 Amateur: Team with People in it (4-3) 5th place! - Multi-class sub
    S10 Amateur: Lemon Lads Respawn! (2-4) Team died - Heavy/Spy sub
    S11 Intermediate: Ashvilliany (5-2) PLAYOFFS BOUND! - Heavy/Spy sub.

  • firepow has been subbing for my team s11 and throughout the season he has shown willingness to improve, great postive attitude towards playing, as well as dedication to the team. one thing about pow is that he is also willing to adapt and work with his players; even if he might deem something suboptimal, he would still put trust into his team to try and make it work.
    pow is the most consistent sub on my team and is a very fun player to be around. it is a shame that his schedule forces him to sub, as he would do for a good main heavy on the main roster. firepow would be an amazing addition to any team wanting to win, and is definitely worth a pickup

  • Let that pow sub

  • Firepowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    awesome dude, get him on your team!

  • run the relations up ✨

  • Let that firepow play 🔥

  • Pick that Pow up!

  • Team mental saver, great all around guy.

  • Bump. My team is staying in Intermediate, but I’m up for some main tryouts.

  • one of the most dedicated players ive seen and has honestly improved so much since he’s started getting into competitive more. i love pugging and playing with firepow in general, and im sure hes even more fun to be on an actual team with. LTPP

  • Firepow is an OG
    hes been on that grind since 2017
    a true sigma male

  • good music taste

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