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  • EDIT: We’re just looking for subs now! We’re definitely in need of a few more, add me if you want to sub (please have advanced experience and be chill).

    Hey all. Next season, me and some other players from the help discord are looking to put together a high-advanced team, with the goal of creating a chill team that will hopefully do a good amount of winning. We’re looking for either: players with prior advanced experience, players who have been moving through the divs below advanced quickly, or off-classing invite players.

    If you’re interested in trying out, please have a schedule that allows you to make regular scrim times, and contact me on discord at Chloe#9312 or add me on Steam. We’ll be starting tryouts once somebody help’s season is over.
    our current roster:

    scout: whymeo
    soldier: hexenmeister
    pyro: celery
    demo: country toad
    heavy: patches
    engie: yogrrt
    medic: mocha
    sniper: blinxy
    spy: IDare

  • i love these people more than anything, consider playing for them!!

  • i would straight up die for any of these players i love the,m so much

    if you’re looking for teammates who you actually like rather than people you only tolerate during scrims/games this is the team to join

  • This team will win and be the most fun people to interact with while doing so!!

    also blinx will carry in apex

  • skill wise, these guys are going to easily be at the top of advanced with blinx sniping at an invite level and country toad’s excellent maincalling. they have the will to improve and i’d be very surprised if they weren’t an invite team after a season in advanced

    aside from their skill, everyone on the team is super friendly! they don’t tilt, and they never give up, no matter what the situation is. they are all really enjoyable to be around, whether it’s playing tf2 or just playing other games and hanging out. no matter what, you will have so much fun on this team

    also blinx and country toad will BACKPACK in apex.

  • sniping against blinxy in advanced sounds pretty fucked

    good + nice players

  • try me out coach

  • I can’t foresee many advanced demos and snipers being better than country toad and blinxy. Instant contender off that alone.

  • bump. starting tryouts this weekend!

  • bump, just looking for subs now! very much in need of a few more subs, we don’t have many yet.

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