Hey when can we upvote/downvote on lft's and lfp's again?

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  • It’d be cool please thank you

  • why can I only type 8 characters??? This is obsurd RGL!!!

  • ong i dont know why they removed it tbh

  • downvoting on LFTs was never something I enabled for the recruitment forums, however I can re-enable upvoting if that is what you guys want.

  • I mean I think it’d be neat

  • @Mothership do that!

  • @Mothership when can we have this mothership sir

  • @Mothership ok how about now

  • can we have upovtes and downvotes

  • please give us upvote

  • I think upvotes are fine, a lot of comments on lft threads are gonna be friends being friends and there’s no harm done in letting that be expressed through reddit karma, kind stranger.
    downvotes are kinda dumb af on recruitment threads tho. They kinda lead to the same circlejerking as with upvotes (see tftv), but end up contributing nothing and actively take away from such threads. (see tftv).

    It is fine for upvotes to be present, as it is a harmless expression either way, and honestly just helps condense things and is a easy way to show support for a friend if you have nothing original or genuine to say.

    You’re tripping if you think downvotes are productive there though. If you want to tell people why not to pick someone up (personality, refusing to improve etc you know the reasons), it’s much better to actually tell people why and inform leaders by doing so; and can help the individuals in question reflect. Mindless circlejerking on the other hand, doesn’t really solve anything. I mean like, if you want to shit on someone on a recruitment thread and influence their future as a player in a negative or spiteful way, atleast have it be meaningful and indicative. Just seeing negativity with no explanation does not inform well and leads to harmful precidents. And if you have nothing original to say there and are also seeking to cause conflict on a thread, perhaps it is better not to say it.

    Downvoting someone like willmatic for making bad pr post #450 is a bit different in context than downvoting a person on a thread which is essentially about themselves in the community in my books. I think that’s the bottom line here.

    Tldr: upvotes more efficient, downvotes bad. There is no point in making posts on recruitment threads if they are not honest, as anything else just hurts the community. Downvotes lead to less genuine interactions there, which helps no one. Downvotes are funny and can be a good way to show people what’s wrong or funny, but it isn’t funny when it can hurt someone that much. And again, if you want to tell people they are wrong on a recruitment thread, just go and actually tell them is all I’m saying. You can argue it’s not that serious, but I think that’s wrong. If I saw a multitude of people essentially say I’m dogshit and refusing to explain at all why, which might influence my future in a game I invest a lot of passion and time into, I’d be pretty emotionally upset.

  • @Mothership

    RGL is a league founded by the community, but for the past 3 Highlander seasons it feels like admins (some of which lately don’t have many logs playing TF2) are making decisions without any community direction (see advanced for the past three seasons.)

    Do something for the community and let us upvote and downvote on LFT/LFP posts

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