Lft Samitch_King

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  • That’s right. Samitch_King is finally looking for a team. This is your chance. You may be asking yourself, am I good enough for samitch_king to join my team? We’ll see. Divs are an illusion, Samitch_King is not restrained to a “division”. I am every division. I am highlander. I’ll play anything: All classes are just another version of demoman, if you really think about it. You will not find someone with less reputation, or braincells in the rgl community, you’d have to be stupid NOT to send me an invite. Will I accept? Who knows.

    Why should you pick up samitch_king? If you have to ask yourself this question, don’t bother sending me a dm. I am God.

  • At first I asked myself, were me and samitch put on this Earth at the same time for a reason by God himself? Then I remembered… Samitch is God. He has done nothing but bless me with his presence and I will always and forever be grateful. If you love God you must roster samitch or you are a non believer and will be banished to hell by samitch_god himself.

  • Our great Elector Primo Samitch_King has blessed us for generations! Thank you Samitch_King!

  • Pros:
    Everything else
    Stop eating wings in the shower you ABSOLUTE CREATURE

  • Samitch_King, is he a god? Yes.
    He has saved teams by his godly touch, he has aroused beings by his touch? but do I think he’s better then keeper? No.

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