China National TF2 Team ADV S12

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  • China National TF2 is back for a second season of advanced with the core players of lee, roofon, spaghetti and hyoi + the return of mkz and raid on the flank

    Strong leadership and our team’s environment has lead to every main on the team having up to 5 seasons of playtime with each other, and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Many can vouch that we do our absolute best to limit toxicity within the team and yearn for players with the same mindset. The China goal is TO WIN and try our best to make it to the top together, all while having a relationship of more than just randoms playing on the same tf2 team. We scrim sat/sun with the occasional Friday scrim (if we think we need extra practice on a map and everyone agrees.) We also do regular map/demo reviews during the weekend as well as enemy demo reviews Monday before pregame.

    With all of this being said we are looking for a combo revamp of a new Demo, Heavy ~~~~ (Subs are always welcome too)
    The roster this season looks similar to that of season 10 and is as follows,

    scout - mkz
    soldier - raid
    pyro - Bliztank
    demo - Apple Zoo
    heavy - spaghetticonfetti
    engi - roofon
    medic - factsmachine
    sniper - lee
    spy - hyoi

    Here is the graph of China winnings and social credit and how it’s gone up over the seasons! The second image is our mandatory uniform you must wear every scrim!

    ⚠⚠YOU CAN NOW LOOK AT THE CHINA WEBSITE PAGE… ⚠⚠️ (thanks fuko :3)
    DM mkz#4114 or lee★#7760 to tryout. We will scrim probably a little after week 7, see u all there ;)

  • i’ll roster ride on your team for 5 keys

  • @keeper ill do 6 keys and a strange backscatter

  • @Train @mkz can you beat that?

  • tryout for china national tf2 or small pp.

  • good team. very wholesome. i vouch for all of these players. the chinese government is not forcing me to write this.

  • hey that’s my name!

  • he cool and epic

  • what happened at tiannamen square

  • MKZ is a good team lead, and the players staying from the last iteration of this team are a very solid set of players. Luckily they’ve finally cut their issue players, and I think with the right people this team can thrive. Not gonna win adv immediately, still a strong contender and you SHOULD play with them.

    MKZ 是一個很好的團隊領導者,而這支團隊最後一次迭代中留下的球員是一組非常穩固的球員。幸運的是,他們最終裁掉了問題球員,我認為有了合適的人選,這支球隊就能茁壯成長。不會立即贏得廣告,仍然是一個強有力的競爭者,你應該和他們一起玩。

  • 致我的中国读者

    国服TF2又一个赛季回归 lee、ropoon、spaghetti、hyoi核心球员+ mkz回归,raid侧翼

    强大的领导力和我们团队的环境导致团队中的每个主力都可以互相玩长达 5 个赛季,我们不打算很快停止。许多人可以保证我们尽最大努力限制团队内部的毒性,并渴望拥有相同心态的球员。中国队的目标是赢得胜利,并尽我们最大的努力一起登顶,同时我们的关系不仅仅是在同一个 tf2 团队中随机比赛。我们在周六/周日进行训练,偶尔在周五进行训练(如果我们认为我们需要在地图上进行额外练习并且每个人都同意的话。)我们还会在周末定期进行地图/演示审查,并在周一赛前进行敌人演示审查。

    说了这么多,我们正在寻找一个新的演示,Heavy 和 Med 的组合改造。

    scout - mkz
    soldier - raid
    pyro - spaghetticonfetti
    demo - YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!
    heavy - YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!
    engi - roofon
    medic - YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!
    sniper - lee
    spy - hyoi

    DM mkz#4114 或 lee★#7760 试用。在那里见到你们;)

  • @brian shutup lunababy!

  • @yogrrt why do you vouch for these players? mkz sucks!

  • my pootis is legendary

  • if i had to play for this team i’d kill myself


  • I love my teammate mkz!

  • man I love china

  • 这家伙是个很酷的人,嗯,去他的球队试训吧,因为提前获胜可能是 idk man :)。

  • Mkz is a solid guy after having a talk about how much he wanted to play this season on scout i’m glad to see him and his team return 🙂

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