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  • keen medic looking to constantly improve, currently starting for the main team, crusading the cosmos. i would prefer to starter on a team, as opposed to sub.

    feel free to contact me at either:

  • One of the better meds I’ve played with. Has some brains. But if you’re an engi main beware, she bullies us.

  • I mentored angie and her team this season, while not high adv I definitely think she can make the jump for any moveup adv team and have a hell of a time with her.
    10/10 would recommend

  • @carrot Very dedicated to improvement. If you pick her up she’ll do the best for your team and will do what she can to improve, and also is fun to play with.

  • found angie when she was a wee am player, now she’s better than me. great med even greater tits. pick her up

  • So hardworking and dedicated to improving, she got really good really fast and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. She’s in that pattern with my mentees where, when they ask for this many reviews for this long, I’m basically counting the days until they’re coming for my throat in invite (shoutout Kasper, Ben, Sakura)

  • Angie is a great medic and a very kind person. She’ll do well in advanced, and is an easy pickup for your S12 team! 🙂

  • asked me for mentoring a few months ago while in newcomer, while we never got around to anything now she’s in main. if thats not an indicator of how well she’s doing then idk what is. definitely give her a shot.

  • one of the most dedicated medic players i know, willing to consistently improve; works off of feedback rly well. very smart player as well as a great person to be around. any team would be lucky to pick them up, they have a lot of potential

  • @carrot

    I think Carrot/angie has the potential to become of the best medics within RGL NA. While she’s still a little raw in terms of skill, I think with the right team/smart players, she can be developed or molded into a premier medic within the league. She has the passion and energy you should want to have within your team and remains to be positive no matter what the outcome is.

    She’s extremely active within the comp scene and as of this moment, has dove deep into TF2 HL.

    I think any team within ADV should 100% give her a shot.

  • GOOD medic


  • Hey you’re pretty cool! Ever considered coming to China???

  • pretty good med with really good arrows. only downside is that she doesn’t give her soldiers 20% heals.

  • the best type of player is the player who constantly seeks out information from the best, and angie has been doing that for a while.
    i’m very pleased to see where she’s gone with her medic main power hours with rogue.

    a lot of the problems within her gameplay strictly comes from the fact she has 1.2k hours in the game, which is nothing compared to most other players in the scene

    if she keeps receiving feedback and keeps improving, she will get much, much better.

  • medic who has drive but LOOKS BEHIND WHEN SHE GOES IN ON UBERS. besides that is a cool person and has plenty of heals to spread around. UNLESS YOU’RE WAITING FOR AN ARROW THEN FUCK YOU BECAUSE BEAM IS BETTER IG.


  • @Ta5K of course the spy main gets mad that i spycheck.

  • listen… I might be biased, but i love angie. Not only does she have a good sense of humor and a lot of patience with her team, she’s looking to adapt and learn more. Angie has an incredible drive with her eyes set for the future. With the right team, she’d be a perfect pick-up for a main team so she can grow with them.

    While i’d say she is newer to the game, Angie seeks to remedy her mistakes and makes up for that by being a good team mate.

  • @carrot “spy check”

  • @kooldan hello? do spy mains all have a union and collectively choose to gang up on med mains now??? the absolute state of hl spy mains…

  • I’ve really enjoyed playing with her in pugs and scrims. She’s got good comms and heal prioritization. Also, very good positioning and does a good job keeping herself safe. She makes protection classes jobs very easy. She’s also very nice, better than a number of meds I’ve played with in adv.

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