LFT S8 All classes Med>Demo>Solly>Scout

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  • LFT S8
    In order:
    Main/Adv Medic
    IM/Main Demo
    IM/Main Soldier (I prefer pocket, I can roam)
    IM Scout (I can maincall)

    Not much past experience on RGL:
    RGL Profile

    Due to job commitments that are non-negotiable for the foreseeable future (prolly just for the rest of S8) i’m unavailable during these times (EST):

    Sunday 4:30 pm - 10:30* pm
    Tuesday 4:30 pm - 10:30* pm
    Saturday 3:30 pm - 10:00 pm
    *Most likely can’t make 10:30 cuz my shift may end late


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