Why did you delete samitch_king's post?

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  • Hello all of the RGL.gg forums, today is a very sad day. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however, it has come to my attention that someone on the RGL.gg (Recharge Gaming League) forum team has deleted my good friend #FreeBlink Samitch_King’s post. Why is this cruel injustice and abuse of power simply glossed over? No public outcry, no questions from the community, nothing. All of you ignored this severe cruelty bestowed upon Samitch_King. The fact there was no backlash for these actions disgusts me. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Take a deep look inward and tell me how you can be proud of yourself when an injustice such as this one has been made. Maybe this is what they want. Maybe they want us to be submissive and not do anything when these kinds of actions have been taken. It’s so cruel. I say to all of you, do not ignore this cruelty, do not let them win. Thank you.

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  • PREACH!!!11

  • Thats my white guy !

  • funny post. However we don’t allow slurs being posted to the forums, regardless of what format it is being posted in. Not only that, but do not allow “reports” in the form of RGL threads. you have to make a misconduct report through the website.

  • @Mothership thanks i typed this out while waiting for the shower water to heat up

  • Another great instance, of RGL being Bidens America

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