DR spy medigun pickup

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  • @GeneralNick why would you fake a Uber. If you popped and did this gimmick and the enemy team uses why would they not knock forward you just have them Uber add for free. The only reason this Can kinda work on swiftwater second is solely because of the shutter.

  • oh no, a new mechanic was found that might change the meta of how teams hold on one of the most annoying non-last points to push in highlander. we cannot allow it! quick! ban it ban it ban it!

  • i fear the day people learn to do this with kritz in other scenarios
    i thought at long last i had escaped the clutches of overwatch, but alas

    anyways tbh it’s cool and all but i feel like it’s just gonna end up inspiring a ton of cheese strategy that devalues the intelligence of how one uses a limited resource which the entire format is based around. i feel like that sort of cheese based focus where you search for gimmicks to get the edge tends to be rather unideal for the state of a game and lessens the need for proper teamplay; ig in this case the planning necessary to make it an efficient execution sorta counters that?

    it’s cool to see the potential for some real change after so long for sure, i’m just a tad anxious about what it’ll end up turning into once people end up really testing the limits of it. i mean kritz on demand sounds pretty nice given that the main power of kritz comes in the surprise factor and initial few moments where you steal the initiative. tbh though i’m not sure that’s necessarily a bad thing, could make the weapon more viable, i just don’t think that the usage of this mechanic is as niche as it’s said to be.

    ok like i’m not gonna go into specifics here, but kritz to force an uber b/c otherwise they lose a lot of people, then kite and maintain a majority of your kritz charge via the technique after the necessary projectile lands, then push in right off the heavy kritz adv. it’s not that complicated in regards to the pathing for it and where you’d have your spy drop the medigun.

    i have immense respect for the fact that this tech was developed here in na solely to defeat swift second though, hell of a story.

  • @Markers You’re so right we should unban canceling phlog animation with teles

  • @Bliztank the only way this can give kritz is if either medic is also on kritz. Doing this mind of loop with kritz I don’t think will be that benefitial, as a main point of kritz is to force them and build faster anyway. This doesn’t really do that, you’re adding more building time to potentially force them. There isn’t a lingering crit buff once the medic stops healing like there is with uber so I doubt it will be impactful there. Sure they can pop kritz and try and force, but once you do so whats going to stop them from just killing you with their uber? it doesn’t offer protection, even if you are baiting like you suggest unless you bait hard. Upward first or swift 4th are the biggest spots I can think of where it would be decent because you can snipe far with a crit sticky and retreat for your safety.

    The fact though that we can even have these kinds of thoughts though is a good thing, when was the last time we had a potential change like this?

  • i dont imagine this will pan out to anything much, seems very situational, and if they counter use and the flashed players aren’t able to defend the med while he’s picking up the gun even if he flashes a couple players and saves half of his uber it still seems risky and situational to me. Time will tell of course. Its got potential, but i dont see the need for a ban, its not even an exploit this is just how the game was coded to work, unlike pyro taunt cancel.

  • @ben that uber lasted for 2 seconds and your demo got instantly melted. 10% of that uber was on him, exchange or no exchange that med used to early and if that doesn’t happen this whole play goes down the drain.

  • some key facts -

    -DR dropped weapons count as regular dropped weapons
    -dropped weapons are fully loaded
    -dropped weapons expire after 30 seconds without being picked up
    -picking up a dropped weapon resets it’s 30 second timer

    not only can a demo get 15 stickies on mid, if he wins the mid he can continue to juggle 2 launchers throughout the round, and with a 30 second lifespan on the dropped weapons it’s even possible to die and make it back before it fades. and even if it does, your spy can just do it again at any point later, and taking your spy out of the game for 10-20 seconds is arguably a small price to pay for a 2nd sticky if used correctly

    you could take it to 11 and have your DR spy just fucking generate weapons with a dispenser during downtime, but DRing to drop a sticky launcher on mid has almost downsides since the spy can still cross with it and could just enable your demo for the rest of the round

    the only main issue is that you can’t pick up a weapon when reloading, so it’s probably better to turn auto-reload off, but even if you’re not going to juggle 2 over the entire game, you can just make a keybind to toggle it on/off for the mid

    edit: you can just shoot 8 stickies, switch to melee, and then pick it up and it’ll even auto switch you back to it

    if this double sticky launcher things becomes an issue, even if you ban the DR or make a plugin to stop it from dropping weapons, all it takes is one demo sacking into your pocket to give your demo a 2nd sticky launcher

    probably worth looking into how difficult it’d be to change the lifespan of dropped weapons to something a little more reasonable like 10 seconds or something

  • ngl, stickies were not something I was initially thinking of when conversations started. I don’t think it changes my mind yet, but certainly makes a stronger case

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