OWhy did BBL Bait Us?: A calling to the RGL Community.

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  • On Sunday, 2/27/22, Keeper and I were finding scrims for our routine Sunday night RGL scrimmages. We looked for a few hours before coming to the realization that we would not be able to find scrimmages in the Main Division before 9:30. It was at this moment, where my associate contacted a leader from a higher division, looking to improve our gameplay. It was at 7:49pm EST, that Keeper, my associate, contacted BBL asking for a 9:30 scrimmage that night, 2/27/2022.


    Agreeing to this request, we assumed we had found our 9:30 scrimmage, and stopped the search for scrim that night.

    We played our previously scheduled 8:30 scrimmage without peril, winning both halves in flying colors. We trudged on to our 9:30, ready to scrim the more experienced, and better team, looking to take away strategies and generally improve our gameplay.

    This is where disaster struck. At 9:30pm EST, BBL#1694 contacted my associate, informing him, and my team, that they would scrimmaging a different team 9:30, excusing his actions claiming that he had “forgot I (BBL) scheduled”. Cite image below.


    It was at this moment, that my team and I knew we were done for the night. The mental and physical preparation we had performed in our 8:30, wasted.

    There are many reasons why BBL might’ve chosen to do this. One of which might be that he fears the Samitch_King demo. However, the more logical conclusion, is that he feared what I would say about him on the forums. My RGL forums following (the samitch_nation) and I are not going to rest until BBL is sentenced by the RGL staff for such actions. This cannot go unpunished. Baiting is by far the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. (I’m white btw) I call on the entirety of the RGL community to stand with me against this injustice.

    You may have thought the damage was done. We were baited, right? While we were ready to call it a night and return to the harsh realities of the real life world, my associate got a Discord notification from BBL. My associate informed me that BBL had sent Team Fortress 2 Connect Information. This meant we would be scrimmaging BBL at 9:30pm EST. At that moment, my teammates and I were in a moment of Bliss. We were going to scrim BBL.

    We joined the server, ready to encounter our opponents, ready to take on the world. This was an “invite team”, right? The best of the best. This was our competition at the top. If we could compete here, we could compete anywhere. While the other team joined in, my collogues and I focused on the task at hand. Slowly players started to join the server, we were getting ready. While I was giving of the most moving speeches known to man, (NOT playing the amongus trap remix for my team) Keeper was informed he had been sent the connect information on accident. BBL was taunting us. One last twist of the knife in our backs. Gutted, we did the only logical thing left to do. We took to Discord, saying “@BBL **** you”. It was proportionate, and deserved.

    I call to the samitch_nation, should we allow such actions to go unnoticed? This will certainly affect our official game ahead of us, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my team dies. My team’s blood is your hands, BBL. Your hands.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Truly disgusting. This repulsive behavior must be punished! (I’m white too)

  • BBL must pay for these actions taken upon us. I am losing MY precious practice because of this man. How is this allowed to happen it is so vile and disturbing that BBL is allowed to do this I must seek actual THERAPY now for the emotional trauma he has caused me. The only thing that can fix this is if BBL HIMSELF bought me a m4a1s hyper beast field tested.

  • @mkz amen my brotha

  • This was the only scrim that was going to be TRUE practice. BBL instead taunted us with a wonderful scrim and baited us. I truly hate this man.

  • this is a samitchking post please dont forget to leave a downvote, thanks!

  • Beautiful post Samitch_King (I downvoted it). I feel the need to write about how distraught I felt (and still feel) after NOT ONLY being baited by BBL, but then being taunted immediately afterwards. Is this the type of player that we want being the face of RGL (invite division)? I hope everyone involved is able to recover in time to play in our next official. (i’m white btw)

  • Dear,
    freeblink Samitch

    As a member of the RGL team in the advanced division that you were baited for, I would like to humbly apologize for this horrid night you endured. This action was truly irreprehensible, undignified, and unsexy. As a token of our sincerest apologies, we will show up to your gamer house and we will deliver to you BBL’s head. Such actions will NEVER EVER be tolerated in the Recharged Gaming League community!

    team WE LOVE LEAN

  • @Raid BBL = Blasphemous Baiting Loser

  • @touca no harf feeling, bbl (yeah im american)

  • @freeblink-Samitch I had to remove the connect because res started bitching. (He’s my brother btw)

  • @freeblink-Samitch ur a special kind of stupid

  • @freeblink-Samitch said in OWhy did BBL Bait Us?: A calling to the RGL Community.:

    @freeblink-Samitch I had to remove the connect because res started bitching. (He’s my brother btw)

    You shouldn’t had posted it to begin with.

  • dis is really funny samitch thanks for posting this

  • Unironically if you ever bait a team you should never lead a team again. Its unacceptable and you are objectively bad at your job if you bait. If you double book, that sucks for you - the two teams you booked with get to scrim each other, and you bait yourself. If half your team doesn’t show up, then get ringers. Its not that hard. I haven’t baited a scrim in literal years.

  • @Inquisition wanna scrim thursday 730

  • @Brock bitch

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