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  • hEy hELLO, i wanna play soldier with banners when they are good in hl, i will mostly use the meta of gunboats and whip for most of the game but if i see an oportunity i wanna use the banners just to experiment

    I have 150 ping which sounds cringe but you gotta trust me i can do nasty stuff with it

    people used to put stuff here to show how they are good but i can also say that am a dedicated player and will not bait so yeah, good day i guess?

    pls pls pls pls i wanna play soldier, i have only played heavy and i wanna do something different

  • the classic bump

  • Hello yes, now am also looking for main but please i just want to play

  • Pick this guy up, he’s way overqualified for am/im. He can carry your team and comes with a wealth of experience.

  • Hello yes, am bumping this so i can get picked pls. if i dont get picked michaelpc1 will try to make us think that pyro is better than scout on a perfect scenario, and we all know thats not true, but he cannot face the facts, so pick me up so we can make the world a better place and move on. you know you want to do it.

  • Bumping this again because michaelpc1 doesnt know how to use soldier jumper terms and calls a triple a quad jump, and in my tierlist cleaver is a B based on some grounds but he thinks is an A and he is clearly wrong, so pick me up for playing highlander soldier and prove ye old ass doggo wrong

  • Bumping this here post becuase i have been denied like 4 times for ringing so get me so i can sub or what not, PLEASE, i want to play Soldier, i was thinking of MAYBE sniper but i havent played, Also can we host a 4Team arena cup or something in RGL TF2C arena was really fun so rgl take my advice, i dont know what else to add in this here post so BUMP

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