Spectators and people watching tf2 competitive.

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  • I’m a low level 6s competitive player (Amateur), I enjoy watching most of the VODs of tf2 competitive games.

    But it doesn’t seem like other people really do. Grand finals only got like 800 viewers this season, and most other twitch streams have only a few hundred. The numbers are better on YouTube but still are only in the thousands or in the tens of thousands on older videos.

    This compares badly to cs:go’s viewer count which brings in hundreds of thousands in twitch and YouTube viewership. Maybe it’s unfair to compare tf2’s competitive seen with the colossus that is cs:go. But it just feels like no one else enjoys watching competitive tf2.

  • The scale of the tf2 scene is so much smaller compared to games like csgo, there really isnt a good comparison to other games in terms of viewership and competition. csgo has a ton of money both in it and as rewards, so its going to bring in a significantly higher number of people compared to dolphin in his bedroom at 11pm. For TF2’s numbers I feel like its a solid portion with growth in the recent short term. It would take a lot more sigabucks though to get up to csgo standards

  • @Obelix I think RGL used to get less than 1k viewers for GFs, but I’m fairly sure the last GFs peaked at 2k viewers. If anything more people are getting interested in watching competitive Tf2.

  • The solution is always to just keep advertising the events and to make competitive TF2 more accessible. It would also be nice if more competitive players made content or had more of an engaging social media presence that fans could get invested in.

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