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  • I noted in the Discord that on f5 the lockers were solid to players, but not solid to projectiles, which allows players to plant stickies inside them. Exa told me that f5a, which has just been released, would address this issue, but after testing it myself, you can still hide stickies in the lockers. I was then advised to post here about it.

    The roller above the small shutter into last was removed for reasons unknown to me, but that was a place people could also hide stickies. Are the lockers intended to replace the roller as a hiding spot for stickies? It feels like such an absurdly large area with a much lower skill floor. I’m not a fan, and don’t understand the benefit of these changes.

  • The lockers being non-solid was fixed in the latest version cp_gullywash_f5b, which has been uploaded to serveme.

    The roller above shutter was removed as the door prop it’s attached to was replaced with a proper door frame as the old door had an exploit of being able to shoot through the frame.

  • @Rendoas Apologies. I confused the bug you were speaking about with another bug, which was patched in f5a. As jackylegs mentioned, the locker being non-solid is now patched in f5b.

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