LFT Advance Engie

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  • I Got 4th in main last season and been top 3 every season up to now I have great dm and coordination with my flank around 250-300 dpm can main call the flank if required to and can always keep my snipes alive from the spy. If you wanna give me a tryout JoshuaLover#4427

  • From mentoring this engie since season 9 i can say his improvement has been solid and he’s one of the few engies I’ve seen that’s willing to be vocal and grind mechanics. Can be stubborn at times and definitely can need some wrangling but I’d say he could play advanced engie fairly decently and definitely improve with a good team and an experienced soldier

  • Definitely one of my favorite teammates to play with. He really wants to improve and he’ll listen to whatever criticism you have. He’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met playing tf2. 100% deserves a spot on a good advanced team

  • oh shit is that THE Hard Had Jones from rf2??!?!?!

    ayyo so funny story the rf2 homies we was chillin in discord and talkin bout the game the meta the mindset n all then i think hard hat was talkin bout his clips or somehtign and this clip of him got sent


    now that shit had me dyin not gon lie, but yeah hard hats a good player, trust. definitely an adv level engie and potential future invite material. he also brings a certain energy to the team that you wont find anywhere else; mans the life of the party, so to speak.

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