Highlander Season 10 Survey Results

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  • @grey said in Highlander Season 10 Survey Results:

    I like the idea in theory

    what i stated was how main-adv was played up until challenger was added lol

    edit: trying to bridge the skill in divs (e.i adding challenger)just made it so the top of each div was significantly better than the bottom half of the division above them, trying to remove the skill gap from mid-high level divs was the stupidest thing rgl could of done to HL and ruined a generation of players imho

  • Bring back challenger and whole advanced issue is fixed. Longer seasons would be ideally. Why can’t they be 8 weeks like how ugc did it for years and years. 10 weeks would be awesome though.

  • @JohhnyFromCali Bringing back challenger just makes advanced main, I see very little reason why this should be done. Make advanced 8 teams again, 5 teams get in by w/e, main winners from previous season, and 2 qualifier spots. If you don’t make the cut then you have to play main. Then main would also you know, have good teams in it, which is a good thing. Adding back in challenger just makes main suffer for no good reason. It basically results in advanced/main being high main and low main but different divisions for from what I can see little to no benefit.

    Edit: I just think that playing in advanced, ie, being a top 16 team in the league, should be a competitive position.

  • incredibly sad to see people shitting on lakeside and previously cascade in these polls when product is still highly rated. please take product out and replace it with rapids or literally anything else

  • @ethan nagwan

  • @Roofon that’s the point of challenger is to remove skill from the top of advanced and combine it with potential invite teams. It’s not to cuddle perma advanced players.

  • @JohhnyFromCali I think there’s a misunderstanding regarding Challenger

    “Challenger” is not actually a new division. The top teams under invite(The highest division) will always be the top teams under Invite. We formerly referred to this division as “Advanced”
    The top teams under Invite can be 8 teams, 12 teams, 14 teams, and so on and can have stricter sandbagging restrictions in place–but that’s independent of whether or not “Challenger” exists

    What actually happened was that a new division was created below Challenger. This was during a point where the difference between low Main and top Main was overwhelmingly different and old Advanced had consistently over 8 teams interested in playing the division. By creating the new division, low Advanced teams and high Main teams were grouped together to create their own skill-group, while decreasing the skill gap in Main, as well as keeping old Advanced round-robin. This new division adapted the name “Advanced”, and “Challenger” was to replace the division name that was formerly known as Advanced. In hindsight, it was a terrible idea to switch around the names, for sure, but in the moment we needed a good name for this new skill group, and Challenger was definitely less fitting as the third-highest division than the second-highest.

  • @Constantly challenger was also the division where bottom to low invite players can also main class if they couldn’t find a spot in invite. Advanced restricted every invite player which caused some players to be in restriction purgatory. Not good enough to play invite and too good for advanced.

    Overall rgl needs to make a choice between making new divs and keep the groups small or bite the bullet and let the divisions grow larger as the league grows. Making the seasons longer does put a band aid and buy them time, which imo they should do since highlander seasons where longer before.

  • @JohhnyFromCali Yeah, I get your argument
    What I’m trying to say is that sort of thing can change without challenger existing; it’s an independent variable
    Low invite players could technically main class in advanced if the advanced admin allowed it.

    I guess I could also put it another way: How would challenger existing directly result in invite players main-classing in advanced/challenger?

  • @JohhnyFromCali said in Highlander Season 10 Survey Results:

    Div-1 and Advanced are special cases for sandbagging restrictions, as they are the divisions below Invite, which is at the top and has a fixed size. In an ideal world, the restrictions here would be much lighter as Invite will be filled with the best players and those who play in the division below were unable to make Invite that season. However, the restrictions can also be much heavier. For example, in Div-1 and Advanced 6s, if Invite only has 6 teams out of an 8-10 team capacity, heavier restrictions will be applied to Div-1 and Advanced.

    In RGL 6s anyway, Invite has been the healthiest that it has ever been because there are often 2-4+ teams trying to qualify for a spot in Invite. It’s also relevant that a lot of old faces are returning in 6s, and LAN is coming back so a lot more players want a chance to compete at LAN. As a result, the 6s admin team is being laxer with restrictions to accommodate for the number of players that quite simply won’t make the Invite cut.

    The HL team can also apply these more lenient guidelines here assuming Invite is healthy.

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