LFT heavy

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  • Looking to play Main/Advanced on heavy for S11, have pretty good awareness of what needs to be done but am actively looking to improve. Would love the chance to tryout for anyone.

    If your interested in trying me out hit me up at Walrus#4760

  • Extremely fast learner, phenomenal teammate, and a fantastic listener. Better up and coming heavy than who you are currently trying out. Let him cook.

  • This guy gets the big toes seal of approval.

    Exceptional player who plays for his team. Most unselfish heavy I’ve ever seen. He deserves a team that wants to win.Apart from being great in game he is a joy to be around and will undoubtedly help with team atmosphere and mood (something I think Is vastly overlooked)

    Solid mechanics
    Adaptable play style (isn’t stubborn)
    Great understanding of the game
    Literally huge as fuck but graceful

    Extremely interesting individual (don’t compare urself to him)
    Couldve called that spy that was on you but thought he could kill it in time before bothering you. ( I still ain’t forget)

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