BBL - Mentoring HL Heavies and Teams

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  • Hey there! I’ve been playing heavy and hl for almost 9 seasons now and a few slots are open for me to mentor; I can mentor any hl teams or heavies at almost any skill level! (Low Adv - Never touched tf2) I pride myself on trying to go above and beyond for my mentees, if you need help than feel free to contact me!

  • BBL is by far one of the best mentors you could get. He helped mentor my team when we were in IM last season and thanks to his guidance and knowledge of TF2, we were able to be a very successful team. If you’re looking for a good team mentor, you should totally hit up BBL, you’ll get results.

  • BBL worked with my team throughout most of season 10 after we had a defeat week one due to our messy roster and communication issues. We went on to win every match for the rest of the season because he helped us look at maps with high detail, helped review our demos in order to find our struggles and fix them, as well as he helped us emphasize our team’s strengths. Since he worked with us our team’s coordination and overall success rate skyrocketed. I would highly recommend him as your teams mentor. His knowledge and application of said knowledge is something no team should ever think about missing out on.

  • BBL is ultra chad god mode when it comes to mentoring. He gets right down to the basics, and expresses them clearly, then dives deep into the cool stuff. It’s hard to come by someone that has better knowledge of the game on not just heavy, but on literally every class. He will form you into a very solid player.

  • Knows how to play fat man good

  • he smells better than you

  • If BBL mentors you you’ll win steel week it’s easy money.

  • chill dude, clean instruction, handsome lad that deserves the rubber duck I gave him. keep smelling good bro

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