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  • According to the Season 10 Highlander Survey, players shown they want to continue using “Refresh” versions of maps, provided there are no major gameplay changes.

    Season 10 Results

    The Refresh team has release a final version of their Upward Refresh, so I would like to open a discussion about whether it should be used or not for Season 11.

    The biggest change the Refresh version of Upward has is the blocking of the box spot from the tiles hold on last. A full changelog can be found on the thread.
    You can also download the map: Here

  • I think it’s hard to actually get an opinion out of this survey question because nobody knows what “no major gameplay changes” means. It sounds nice, which is why everyone agrees, but then the steel B window shot is removed as not being a major gameplay change, which iirc was debated pretty heavily on that thread.

    That being said, as far as Upward goes, I’m fine with the changes listed. I’m kinda out of the loop now, but even back when I was spending way too much time sniping, I ran into someone actually using the box spot maybe once every two seasons. I don’t think it’s as big of a deal as people have always made it out to be, but I won’t complain about it being removed.

  • copypasting what i said on tftv

    i love the dispenser block as much as the next guy but isn’t that a perfect example of something you would want fixed in a refresh edition

    it’s not like it makes engineer on last any worse, it will really only have a big impact on bad engineer players

  • Looking at it all i think its all great. Is mainly just niceties for how splash damage works on the points with a few additions of stair lengthening and prop removal. I enjoy all of the minor bug fixes and continuity that this refresh presents. Mainly everything is a + in my book. I agree with what markers was saying about the box spot and it usage at least at my level, so i think its fine with being removed in this. I think that some people would try and argue that it should be kept in, but all in all I don’t think its gonna change much of anything. This refresh is basically just a better version of upward now imo.

  • Personally, i think using the refreshed version of maps is an excellent idea, it provides more dynamic playstyles and adaptability for the different maps.

    But there can be some conflict with this, for instance newer teams not knowing the map well enough or the map being super buggy

    but hey thats kinda the issue with alot of the maps as of now, excellent idea for the refresh maps 😸

  • the first thing i thought of when i heard upward refresh is dispenser block, i really wish you guys would consider removing that as that is what makes refresh refresh

  • @minty RGL, as a league, is not involved with making maps for the Refresh project. It is a separate organization. You may suggest feedback on their relevant map discussion threads.

  • alt text

    why the clipping on the green hose was removed

  • @shotaway as part of our effort to improve splash and movement we turned collision off many props across the map.

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