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  • hello :-) i’m back again playing highlander. my life has really settled down recently after being homeless for a little while last year, now i own a 1bed1bath apartment and i live with my boyfriend and our very special cat son, so things have really stabilized for me.

    y’all might’ve heard abt Bliztank and i tryin’ to start up an hl invite move-up team this season, unfortunately that did not work out. but if it were to work out, my personal goal was (and still is) to become an established invite heavy main.

    i feel i’ve earned the chance to actually main in invite with winning advanced in s2 and having been hangin out around the invite community for some time now, playing invite scrims/pugs and ringing for advanced/invite teams. i finally have the gear, the stable internet, and my availability is more consistent now than it ever has been (i work mornings part-time at Amazon so i always have PC time in the evenings). all i need now is a reason to de-rust 😁

    also i don’t really mind offclassing as scout or medic in main if things don’t come through in invite. i just don’t wanna play advanced again lol

    pros of picking me up as ur invite heavy main:

    • in the right environment i am cracked, nutty even (here is a funny clip from 3 yrs ago)
    • i will firmly psychoanalyze ur entire team by reviewing demos and taking notes while stoned to the bone at 4am
    • i am the only trans latina heavy main to exist in the entire universe
    • DZCreeper’s my bestie and Micahlele and i touched hands once 😳

    cons of picking me up as ur invite heavy main:

    • my logs very rarely look good (this has always been a thing so i’m not worried about it)
    • i have goofy silly brain farts and delayed reactions sometimes
    • i am naturally shy and quiet (i’ll get over it for scrims and matches)
    • i’m sensitive 🥺
    • not relevant to scrims/matches but if my team is really losing in pugs i tend to throw or stop paying attention, it’s my toxic trait


  • really nice person, solid mental game

  • Bran and I won advanced in s2 (when advanced was still “good”), and god I love playing with her. Such a great person to have in a team environment, and any invite team looking for a solid supporting heavy needs to heavily consider bran over anyone else.

    @mcm I see yall need a heavy hook her up hook her up

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