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  • Hi, I’m shy. I’m an AU Premier Engineer, and I’m looking to sub for a team in Invite.

    I’ve placed in every season of AU Premier/Platinum Engineer I’ve played and also have several seasons on Premier OZF 6s & RSL Medic as well as solid HL experience on Pyro, Soldier & Heavy too. I can also maincall if on a combo class

    due to the ping, I’m mostly limited to hitscan, so I can also sub Heavy as well as Engineer

    I have a lot of experience in playing in NA, and am confident with 200 ping

    a few notable seasons

    RSL Season 7 Premier 3rd Place Engineer
    RSL Season 8 Premier 3rd Place Engineer
    RSL Season 9 Premier 1st Place Engineer
    RSL Season 10 Premier 1st Place Engineer

    RGL Season 8 Invite Sub Engineer for somebody help!
    RGL Season 10 Invite Sub Engineer for Train Station

    UGC Season 34 Platinum 1st Pyro
    UGC Season 35 Platinum 1st Pyro

    I’m pretty flexible with my time and can show up to most games I’m needed to sub in for given I receive some notice, as games start between 10AM-12PM for me

    contact me on discord @ aria#0783 or Steam

    pick me up/try me out!!!

    RGL | RSL

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